Lovely Florence...

Photoshoot by Daniele Cavalli in Florence for an Italian magazine. Oh what a beautiful city! Its so charming! And i also made very good friends. We had lunch at Cavallis home, an old castle in the mountains, we drove around the city, got to know different bars and cool local places. The best is when you can work and enjoy.
Ill try to be back in Florence for next spring.
Love Ingrid

Postat av: Madelene

Så jävla snygg ingrid :D

2010-09-14 @ 00:14:20
Postat av: kenisha

You look hot in these pictures...i like.

2010-09-15 @ 19:26:30
Postat av: Anonym

so beautiful and such . que classe

2010-09-16 @ 14:10:37

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