This is my angel that i guess i haven't introduced to you before, Maya is her name. She is a very lovely mexican street dog, at the time she was four months we adopted from a shelter here in Mexico City. Now she is eight, she is super bright and i love her so much! She gives paw, barks on commando, roll around on the floor and even plays dead!
I really recommend adoption instead of buying a puppy, creeds for a super happy puppy and ecological thinking. ;)
(just to remember that i do miss Divo, my pitbull back home in Sweden, a LOT!!)

Postat av: r m

e do bigginho? nao sente falta dele . e depois do pretinho, filho do biggie, a familia aumentou né

legal o seu blog


2011-07-25 @ 19:44:26
Postat av: Farmor

Flott hund =)=)=)

2011-10-29 @ 22:05:19

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