Sephora - Big opening

2011-10-21 / 19:22:00 / Work
After long time waiting Sephora decided to open up their first flag store here in Mexico. The big opening took place yesterday at a mall here in Mexico city. The doors of the beauty empire where opened by 8 body painted models. I was one of them. Me and the girls spent the whole day being body painted, by super talented girls from Makeup Forever.

This was a real experience, super cool event.

I am the skelleton, painted as a skull from mexican "dia de los muertos".

One day with Elle

2011-08-03 / 18:23:00 / Work
Today i spent my day at the Elle Office, shooting for the next months Elle look. Had a great day, working with lovely people and delicious pizza for lunch. :)

Marie Claire

2011-07-30 / 19:37:37 / Work

Look what i got home yesterday, 101 IDEAS, Marie Claire august 2011.

Mark Patito I

2011-07-30 / 19:03:50 / Fashion


We got some more gifts....yeeey! :)

a walk in the park

2011-07-29 / 18:38:00 / Daily

Today we spent some hours in the park Mexico, in la condesa, playing with Maya. What a lovely walk in the park!
There were training classes for dogs in the park too, so many well behaved dogs, laying and just taking it easy until the trainer calls on them. They looked very cute and it reminded me of the resting pauses i used to have in kindergarden, haha. Thats so cute!


2011-07-27 / 01:30:45 / Work

New picture i got yesterday, from august issue of Seventheen. Very teenage, but i like it though! I apologize for the bad quality of the picture, i took it of the original. Love, Ingrid.


2011-07-27 / 01:11:50 / Daily

The week started good! This morning we did a shooting where we got some friendly gifts, love, love, love! In the afternoon we went for vegetarian hamburgers and after my bf took me to a super cool store, Commonpeople in Polanco, and got me some gifts, too. A supercool ecological t-shirt(with super sweet seeds to plant), awsome ashtray, some body oil, peeling and stuff! I love this!

Excellent weekend to everyone!


2011-07-24 / 19:57:00 / Fashion

A little sight for curios readers from today's shooting that the boys did for a mexican brand, 1203. It took place at a friends studio so me and Maya spent the day there with them for some moral support ;)


2011-07-23 / 20:21:00 / Daily
This is my angel that i guess i haven't introduced to you before, Maya is her name. She is a very lovely mexican street dog, at the time she was four months we adopted from a shelter here in Mexico City. Now she is eight, she is super bright and i love her so much! She gives paw, barks on commando, roll around on the floor and even plays dead!
I really recommend adoption instead of buying a puppy, creeds for a super happy puppy and ecological thinking. ;)
(just to remember that i do miss Divo, my pitbull back home in Sweden, a LOT!!)


2011-07-19 / 01:54:31 / Work
I just recieved a campaign i did in Brazil, Zinzi,  i really like it!


2011-07-01 / 21:53:58 / Daily

The weeks are passing like crazy and today it is friday....again!  Ive been to some castings, home for lunch and then out again for some more castings....
We have a new apartment, we moved a week ago, and, a few days ago we bought a Hummingbird feeder and it is reaaally lightening my days up, soooo..... Now when they discovered where the feeder is placed with some really sweet sugar water, they wont stop coming here. Every 5 minutes there is one, twoo or three happy hummingbirds on my balcony. Finishing my day im heading back home again, im gonna throw myself on the sofa and watch our beautiful friends through my window! :)

Backstage - Marie Claire

2011-06-30 / 23:27:00 / Work

Today i was on a shooting for Marie Claire, the august issue. It was pretty quick, 14.00 we were done with 8 looks and then i took off to a casting for Mercedes benz fashion week. I think that almost every model in town went there too...

I took some pictures with my mobile phone from the shooting so you guys can have a sneak peak....

Now im off to bed and tomorrow i promise that i will come up with more....

Details ETRO SS/2012

2011-06-20 / 17:52:00 / Daily


I love the printed jacket!!!

ETRO SS/2012

2011-06-20 / 15:55:00 / Fashion

My love at ETRO SS/2012, yesterday at Milan Fashion Week...

I love u so much, my beautiful boy!!!!

Arriba Mexico!!!

2011-06-17 / 00:40:07 / Travel
Hey People!!
I know the blog has been very, very slow for a while....but from now on I promise that i will keep up with constant news :)
I'm writing from Mexico city, one of the biggest cities in the world. I just looove Mexico..... The people are so hostil, the weather is always hot, the beaches, and so much more....and off course, Tacos!!!

In a minute im off to work and afterwards to a Brazilian party....soon i'll be back with more news about my life in Mexico

...Adios Amigos!

City Lights (Mexico City)