Little sleeping bear...

Time to sleep and Divo is not here tonight... We miss him!
Im posting a picture of him from another night just to remind you of how charming he is! :)

Good night...

Sun is shining...Or not...

Hello dear readers!

Im so sorry that i havent posted anything since the last post where I apologized for the same reason.
I had so much things to do.... I barely have time to anything right now!

Next weekend me and some amazing friends are going to have a big Halloween party! I will post some nice pictures of that later on. Right now I cant think of anything else than January 4th, when me and my love are leaving for Brazil!

Lots of love,

My old Milan...

Hi everyone!
Im sorry that i haven't updated my blog the latest two weeks, I've had lack of time. Me and my love was in Milan this weekend, but I didn't had time to take pictures and make nice posts, unfortunately....
And btw i dont think the pictures would be so nice either, since both of us got a really bad cold.
But I'll be back in Milan pretty soon, and I promise i will make it more fun for you the next time... :)
Right now I just finished my first homework in many years, and tomorrow I'm turning in to that little school girl again. At least, that's how i feel when i arrive at that school Its the same school i went to when I was younger, the only difference now is that I'm in the grown up's class. That's life!!
I'm taking a photography class as well, it's nice that i can get the points I need to complete high school focusing on something that I have a big passion for. So, i guess I gonna have some of my homework's from that class that i can share with you guys. :)

Back to school...

Good morning, good morning!!
Today I'm starting school, i have been waiting for months and months for this day to arrive. Im going to complete my high school, that i jumped off several years ago for modeling. But, i woke up half an hour too early... :) Thats why im sitting here with you guys. This is a picture from my school time, i guess i was in first class or something, 6-7 years old?? I really have no idea how old i was on this picture....What do you think??
Me and Bruce spent the weekend back in Milan friends...It was really nice! I just think the trip was too short(2 nights, 3 days) but we had to come back for today, right? But anyways, it was amazing. Saw close friends, got to breathe a little fresh, not air, but energy....and back home! Too bad we got a very bad cold, both of us....
Now i have to run, gonna have a cup of coffee before i enter class as well....
Bacio, Bacio!!

The essence of nothing...

VOGUE BRASIL ♥ Isabeli Fontana

Vogue Brasil loves Isabeli Fontana, i mean, who doesn't? She is absolutely gorgeous, and i actually met her once... and she is perfect!
But with these amount of covers we can totally see that Isabeli has more than one foot in at Brazilian Vogue...Powerrr!!!

Plage Privée


Amazing pictures! I love the whole feeling.... The colours, the tones, the filter, the riviera style, and off course, the come back of the super bodies!! My thumbs are totally up for the super-bodies (slim, fit, well trained)!

Tomorrow morning im off to the gym as usually and its one day less in the countdown for my own plage privée....

I miss my city so much! ..... I

A song for the lovers...

Good morning!
I wake up to a sunny saturday after a very calm friday night at home.
Going to my personal gym in town, i just have to try to wake Bruce up again....and maybe again?
Here comes another picture by my dear friend Robert Nilsson and the soundtrack for inspiration to my day and picture(just like it was a show with music...) is Richard Ashcroft- A song for the lovers...
Ive heard it a million times, ive been listening for years, and it still gonna be on my playlist for many years forward....And the music video is totally genius and i will post it another time for you guys.... I just love it!

I spend the night,
Yeah, looking for my insides in a Hotel room,
Waiting for you.
We're gonna make it tonight,
s right,
So we'd better get on.
Yeah, something in the air tells me the Time
And dj, play a song for the lovers, Tonight.
Please, play a song for the lovers, Tonight.
Don't wanna wait.....
You know I'm waiting,
Lord, I've been waiting all my life but I'm too late again I know,
But I was scared.
Can't you see,
Oh I'm moving like a train into some Foreign land,
I ain't gotta ticket for this ride....but I will

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