A song for the lovers...

Good morning!
I wake up to a sunny saturday after a very calm friday night at home.
Going to my personal gym in town, i just have to try to wake Bruce up again....and maybe again?
Here comes another picture by my dear friend Robert Nilsson and the soundtrack for inspiration to my day and picture(just like it was a show with music...) is Richard Ashcroft- A song for the lovers...
Ive heard it a million times, ive been listening for years, and it still gonna be on my playlist for many years forward....And the music video is totally genius and i will post it another time for you guys.... I just love it!

I spend the night,
Yeah, looking for my insides in a Hotel room,
Waiting for you.
We're gonna make it tonight,
s right,
So we'd better get on.
Yeah, something in the air tells me the Time
And dj, play a song for the lovers, Tonight.
Please, play a song for the lovers, Tonight.
Don't wanna wait.....
You know I'm waiting,
Lord, I've been waiting all my life but I'm too late again I know,
But I was scared.
Can't you see,
Oh I'm moving like a train into some Foreign land,
I ain't gotta ticket for this ride....but I will

Postat av: brazilian queen

you are so beautiful. gorgeous face!

2010-10-02 @ 13:31:06
Postat av: Madelene


2010-10-04 @ 21:17:37
URL: http://thebestofmadelene.blogg.se/

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