By Robert Nilsson

Happy Ends....

Happy endings, just as we like.
This is just a spontaneous click with wierd faces, haha, but its little taste from our photoshoot from monday, with Robert Nilsson.

Roberto Cavalli

Beauty from Roberto Cavalli show in Milan.
Perfect makeup, the models look absolutely stunning!!!

Planet Caravan

Tonight im posting this picture of me that i like a lot. This shoot also conquered an award for best production. I hope its inspiring for you. My inspiration for the night is "Planet Caravan", one of my favorite songs from Black Sabbath as I'm getting ready for tomorrow after an relaxing sunday.
Tomorrows schedule: hard core gym in the morning and then in the afternoon Me and Bruce have a photoshoot together. Exciting every time!


I also brought my prince Divo with me to the photoshoot!
I love this picture! I hope you do as well!

Sneak peak

This is a sneak peak from yesterdays photo-shoot with photografer Robert Nilsson :)

I miss home!

D&G SS11

Mixes of stamps, textures, colors and styles, D&G goes for the young fresh look inspired in Garden, Farmer-chic.....

Gucci ss11

Dresses in leather, colorful women, powerful women, the seasons color or just go for the one that i normally prefer....the black look.

So amusing!

Me and Bruce are watching tv, switching between discovery and wildboyz when commercial shows up.
But there is one commercial that i find so amusing! Haha...Its so worth a post.

Burberry Prorsum ss11

Burberry Prorsum latest collection at London FW shows that Biker jackets are totally HOT and are definitely staying in next season. I would love to fill out my wardrobe with some of these desires...The perfect fit jackets, the leather pants, Total rock-glam!


Natalia Vodianova

Natalia Vodianova is the inspiration of the day, so delicate, so beautiful....she's perfect!
I always liked her and she is definitely one of my role models.

Yellow mood

I love this picture!
Its from a shoot that i did with my dear Debby Gram and i just love it! It makes me feel light, makes me feel happy, it gives me good vibrations. I hope this will give u some good vibrations as well and serve as some beauty inspiration.

Charm of the day

Im glad to introduce you to my baby, Biggie, to the right.... But he lives in brazil with my mom and I miss him so much! The little guy to the left is his son, Brownie. They are so charming and I'm looking forward to see them again when we are going back home to brazil in January.
From I with love.....


Today is a day that i would like to be taken to a place that doesn't exist, and these pictures of me would be the inspiration. A plastic planet, to wonderland, To a fantasy world.....


A shoot a did for NK, a famous department store in Stockholm. I like the first picture a lot and the little slot as well, someday i should encourage myself to cut it again......lets see!


Narciso Rodriguez+Lindex

Its seems like the designer trend spread and now Lindex is releasing a collection designed by Narciso Rodriguez, where 10% of the sells goes to Cancerfondens breastcancer research. The campaign star is Carmen Kass, once again. Beautiful as always but with more attitude though, we like that.
It seems like the collection is smaller, but i think its still worth checking out.
So girls, just a week after H&M open their doors to the Lanvin collection you should also keep an eye on Lindex Pink collection as well to see what they will offer us,from 1st october.

Je t'aime mon chéri


Bedtime here at home and someone already started the snoring a long time ago....
Good night....

Dolce vita

Some pictures from a job in Argentina, a little sado attitude though.

Ill hope you guys like it :)

Summer Breeze

Me surrounded by beautiful nature in Stockholm. The styling was made by a friend of mine Isabelle, so it was really fun this day.
Unfortunately the cold weather already arrived up here in the north but i still wish for days like these...

Fei Fei

New faces on New York Fashion week, the casting directors picked their favorites and here comes mine...
Fei fei, Beautiful 20 year old girl that took Europe with storm and now is doing her first season in New York...
Im holding my thumbs for her!!!


Kate Moss shines in Baillie Walsh's New movie, KM3D-1. She interprets Kali, a powerful hindu godess.

Generations of love

Latest Miu Miu campaign, i like the music, i like the video, i like the energy!

Versace fall 2010

My man on Versace show in milan. You look so sexy and i love the fringe jacket.
Donatella rocks!

Lovely Florence...

Photoshoot by Daniele Cavalli in Florence for an Italian magazine. Oh what a beautiful city! Its so charming! And i also made very good friends. We had lunch at Cavallis home, an old castle in the mountains, we drove around the city, got to know different bars and cool local places. The best is when you can work and enjoy.
Ill try to be back in Florence for next spring.
Love Ingrid


Startar veckan med 2 timmar sten hard traning och som inspiration har vi atletiska Gisele Bundchen med sin otroligt snygga valtranade kropp.

H&M ♥ Lanvin

H&M announced that Alber Elbaz, artistic director of Lanvin, founded by Jeanne Lanvin will be their latest guest designer. Get prepared for feathers, applications of stones or other materials and mixes of textures in the new collection.
Elbaz is also listed among the 100 most influent people in the world by Time magazine, so we are looking forward to see what genuine creation the oldest fashion maison will give us. In stores, 23 november.

S.O.S HAIR part I

Summertime is over, unfortunately, but our hair is still in the game. After sun, water and wind we can definitely need a boost before the cold attacks.
Hair products from Redken stands high on my toplist. Very good products for all kind of hairtypes...
  • All soft Shampoo & Conditioner. 10 points for smooth and shiny hair! It really works.
  • Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner. This line saved me during a period when my hair was so damaged because of my job, and i intercalated Extreme 2-3 times a week with All soft, because its a strong and heavy shampoo and if you use it everyday your hair will get hard and without movement. But, the results make u speechless!
  • Real Control Shampoo & Conditioner. This product rocks as well. After my drastic treatment with Extreme I now maintenance with a lighter version, Real Control. They are both protein shampoos that helps you recover very damaged hair, but Extreme is heavier and stronger.
This is the lines i recommend but you could find the one that suits your hair. I also gonna give you guys a very good tips, where i buy bottle of 1l for a very nice price. Ill hope you guys enjoy this!

From I with love...


(Elle Spain)

Meu amor

Har ar min alskling....efter Kris van Assche show...
Finns ocksa pa Stockholm Street Style.

Madame Vamp

an english magazine...i dont remember the name though.

Home sweet home...

Efter ett turbulent besök hos tandveterinären där Divo fick tanden utdragen, är han äntligen hemma igen...
Han ligger och klagar lite och har väldigt ont....stackarn....jag tycker synd om honom, har bäddat ner honom under en filt, det gillar han hehe
Krya på dig gubben, imorgon är det bra :)

Dear Divo...

Nu ska vi åka och hämta Divo på Djursjukhuset, han har dragit ut en tand och varit sövd där i några timmar. Saknar honom! Min älskade hund...


Now we are going to pick up Divo from the animal hospital. They pulled out one of his tooth and been there since 7.20 this morning.

I already miss him! My loved dog...



Här är några bilder på mig från en editorial i Elle. Jag plåtade den i Mexico för Spanska Elle.
Rubriken på editorialen är "Casate conmigo" vilket betyder Gift dig med mig på svenska...hehe
Har även gjort några jobb för bröloppsklännings designers, oj, oj, vet inte ens om jag vågar bara en "egen" är inte så bekväma. Kanske super kul en gång i livet, på sin egen bröloppsdag, men inte för att gora en katalog tex... snarare tortyr. Men, men, det ar smällar man får ta.
Däremot är många av dem väldligt vackra, jag hoppas det kan få mig att övervaga mitt framtida beslut...
Vi får se hur det går med det giftermålet. :)

Here is some pictures of me, from Spanish Elle. I did the shoot in mexico, the name of the editorial is "Casate conmigo", that means Marry me...hehe
I also did catalogues for wedding dress designers. The dresses are really beautiful and its probably sooo fun when its your wedding day and u get to wear it once in a lifetime... But to shoot 25 dresses is not so fun, more like torture... But thats part of the job, just bite and face it!
After this "trauma" ill see if i have the courage to wear my "own" dress when it gets to my turn....hehe

One of a kind

Amazing video clip!
Making of from Giseles editorial in MUSE fashionart mag...
A special post for a special woman, so powerful and such a strong carisma.
She Rocks!!


Jessica Stam is so pretty!!! I admire her, her work, her look...everything!
And i desire a jacket like the one shes wearing in this editorial "Seven", Numero (may 2010).

I like, i like very much.

Scorett, 699:-
Jag var precis inne och kollade pa Scorett, specifikt ute efter de här skorna...och så hade dem givetvis inte ens fått in dem. Typiskt! De är iaf supersnygga och jag ska hålla utkik efter ett par.

I just went by Scorett to buy a pair of these nice shoes, but they didnt have them, they didnt even recieved them yet...Disappointed!!!
Im still gonna keep an eye on them or a similiar pair, Supercool.


Fashion! – modefotografi genom tiderna
24 september - 2 januari 2011


Kommande utställning på, ligger nere vid stadsgården i Slussen. 50 fotografer i en utställning som visats runt europa och nu, äntligen kommer den till Stockholm.

"Tillsammans med en heltäckande beskrivning av modefotografins olika stilar och trender erbjuder utställningen en tillbakablick i modehistoria för den initierade."

Urvalet av fotografier kommer från en samling av Camera Works i Berlin. Det vi väntar oss är en fotosamling av de allra basta bl.a Irving Penn, Peter Lindbergh, Avedon, Meisel, Mikael Jansson mfl.
Fashion! har väckt stor uppmärksamhet i Europa och nu väntar jag ivrigt på att det ska bli den 24 sept och dörrarna till utställningen ska öppnas.
Boa noite(good night in portuguese)!

Jeans, leather and sun


Solen skiner så skönt idag. Jag älskar sånt här höst väder. även fast jag trivs bäst i tropiska klimat, så känns det här underbart. Länge sedan jag upplevde den fräscha höstkänslan.
Under träningen imorse kan jag berätta för er att kroppen var väldigt generös med mjölksyra. Börjar känna mig som en bodybuilder. Pump everyday!!!
Gled även in på Lindex och hittade de här byxorna, jag gillar dem ordentligt! Sitter så snyggt och skönt!!
Grå jeans med skinn detalj på sidan...
Någon annan som ocksa gillar solen är Divo, han har redan varit ute och sprungit i skogen, skuttat och lekt. Grejen med vår hund är att han är lite schizofren, han har sin gull-divo sida och så har han även skogmulle-Divo som gömmer sig inom honom. Ni kanske förstår innebörden av det, det bästa Divo vet är att vara i skogen, på landet osv... Långt ifrån storstaden!! Hur gulligt är inte det??
Nu är det dags för lite mys och tv-tittande.... Jag, Bruce och Divo 

Passar på och lägger ut en ful bild på Divo, han ser ut som en gris.

Night time...

Sadar, kvall igen. Jag tycker dagarna bara flyger forbi.
Jag och killen har precis kakat middag. Ehm, kl 22.17, ja, vi brassar ater middag sent.
Divo(Hunden/grisen) ligger och snarkar pa soffan.
Jag och min pojkvan, Bruce, kom tillbaka till Stockholm for 3 manader sen, efter att vi varit 6 manader i Italien. Vi modellade i Milano, skit kul, men 6 manader kandes lite for lang tid for Milano. Efterfragan var storre an utbudet, kan man val saga. Jag hade konstant en "province" kansla, som inte passar med Milano. Det e ju Paris, New York, Tokyo, Milano, London etc.. Vart kommer Milano in i bilden? Foredrar andra stallet i Italien, som Rom, Florence eller varfor inte sodra Italien? Wonderful!

From I with love....

Oh god, its night again. I think the days just flies away, the weeks passes so fast.
Me and my boyfriend just had dinner. Ehm, 22.37, a bit late. We brazilians have dinner late, i guess. My dog, or lets call him a pig, is lying on the sofa, snoring high.
Me and my bf came back to Stockholm 3 months ago, after living in Milan for 6 months. We were there for modeling, it was really nice but 6 months felt as a really long time in that city. Its supposed to be a big city, always mentioned together with cities as Paris, London, New york, Tokyo.... but it just gave me a constant "province" feeling. Cool to go with ur bf or a week with your girlfriends, but not too long.

From I with love....

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