Sephora - Big opening

After long time waiting Sephora decided to open up their first flag store here in Mexico. The big opening took place yesterday at a mall here in Mexico city. The doors of the beauty empire where opened by 8 body painted models. I was one of them. Me and the girls spent the whole day being body painted, by super talented girls from Makeup Forever.

This was a real experience, super cool event.

I am the skelleton, painted as a skull from mexican "dia de los muertos".

One day with Elle

Today i spent my day at the Elle Office, shooting for the next months Elle look. Had a great day, working with lovely people and delicious pizza for lunch. :)

Marie Claire

Look what i got home yesterday, 101 IDEAS, Marie Claire august 2011.


New picture i got yesterday, from august issue of Seventheen. Very teenage, but i like it though! I apologize for the bad quality of the picture, i took it of the original. Love, Ingrid.


I just recieved a campaign i did in Brazil, Zinzi,  i really like it!

Backstage - Marie Claire

Today i was on a shooting for Marie Claire, the august issue. It was pretty quick, 14.00 we were done with 8 looks and then i took off to a casting for Mercedes benz fashion week. I think that almost every model in town went there too...

I took some pictures with my mobile phone from the shooting so you guys can have a sneak peak....

Now im off to bed and tomorrow i promise that i will come up with more....



Jeans advertisment for a Brazilian brand, Amapô, me and my love... :)

The essence of nothing...

A song for the lovers...

Good morning!
I wake up to a sunny saturday after a very calm friday night at home.
Going to my personal gym in town, i just have to try to wake Bruce up again....and maybe again?
Here comes another picture by my dear friend Robert Nilsson and the soundtrack for inspiration to my day and picture(just like it was a show with music...) is Richard Ashcroft- A song for the lovers...
Ive heard it a million times, ive been listening for years, and it still gonna be on my playlist for many years forward....And the music video is totally genius and i will post it another time for you guys.... I just love it!

I spend the night,
Yeah, looking for my insides in a Hotel room,
Waiting for you.
We're gonna make it tonight,
s right,
So we'd better get on.
Yeah, something in the air tells me the Time
And dj, play a song for the lovers, Tonight.
Please, play a song for the lovers, Tonight.
Don't wanna wait.....
You know I'm waiting,
Lord, I've been waiting all my life but I'm too late again I know,
But I was scared.
Can't you see,
Oh I'm moving like a train into some Foreign land,
I ain't gotta ticket for this ride....but I will


By Robert Nilsson

Happy Ends....

Happy endings, just as we like.
This is just a spontaneous click with wierd faces, haha, but its little taste from our photoshoot from monday, with Robert Nilsson.

Planet Caravan

Tonight im posting this picture of me that i like a lot. This shoot also conquered an award for best production. I hope its inspiring for you. My inspiration for the night is "Planet Caravan", one of my favorite songs from Black Sabbath as I'm getting ready for tomorrow after an relaxing sunday.
Tomorrows schedule: hard core gym in the morning and then in the afternoon Me and Bruce have a photoshoot together. Exciting every time!

Sneak peak

This is a sneak peak from yesterdays photo-shoot with photografer Robert Nilsson :)


Yellow mood

I love this picture!
Its from a shoot that i did with my dear Debby Gram and i just love it! It makes me feel light, makes me feel happy, it gives me good vibrations. I hope this will give u some good vibrations as well and serve as some beauty inspiration.


Today is a day that i would like to be taken to a place that doesn't exist, and these pictures of me would be the inspiration. A plastic planet, to wonderland, To a fantasy world.....


A shoot a did for NK, a famous department store in Stockholm. I like the first picture a lot and the little slot as well, someday i should encourage myself to cut it again......lets see!

Dolce vita

Some pictures from a job in Argentina, a little sado attitude though.

Ill hope you guys like it :)

Summer Breeze

Me surrounded by beautiful nature in Stockholm. The styling was made by a friend of mine Isabelle, so it was really fun this day.
Unfortunately the cold weather already arrived up here in the north but i still wish for days like these...

Lovely Florence...

Photoshoot by Daniele Cavalli in Florence for an Italian magazine. Oh what a beautiful city! Its so charming! And i also made very good friends. We had lunch at Cavallis home, an old castle in the mountains, we drove around the city, got to know different bars and cool local places. The best is when you can work and enjoy.
Ill try to be back in Florence for next spring.
Love Ingrid

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