Back to school...

Good morning, good morning!!
Today I'm starting school, i have been waiting for months and months for this day to arrive. Im going to complete my high school, that i jumped off several years ago for modeling. But, i woke up half an hour too early... :) Thats why im sitting here with you guys. This is a picture from my school time, i guess i was in first class or something, 6-7 years old?? I really have no idea how old i was on this picture....What do you think??
Me and Bruce spent the weekend back in Milan friends...It was really nice! I just think the trip was too short(2 nights, 3 days) but we had to come back for today, right? But anyways, it was amazing. Saw close friends, got to breathe a little fresh, not air, but energy....and back home! Too bad we got a very bad cold, both of us....
Now i have to run, gonna have a cup of coffee before i enter class as well....
Bacio, Bacio!!

Postat av: Madelene

TACK FINA FINA DU! Gud vad söt du är på bilden. :D

2010-10-13 @ 09:04:10

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