My old Milan...

Hi everyone!
Im sorry that i haven't updated my blog the latest two weeks, I've had lack of time. Me and my love was in Milan this weekend, but I didn't had time to take pictures and make nice posts, unfortunately....
And btw i dont think the pictures would be so nice either, since both of us got a really bad cold.
But I'll be back in Milan pretty soon, and I promise i will make it more fun for you the next time... :)
Right now I just finished my first homework in many years, and tomorrow I'm turning in to that little school girl again. At least, that's how i feel when i arrive at that school Its the same school i went to when I was younger, the only difference now is that I'm in the grown up's class. That's life!!
I'm taking a photography class as well, it's nice that i can get the points I need to complete high school focusing on something that I have a big passion for. So, i guess I gonna have some of my homework's from that class that i can share with you guys. :)

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Hei Ingrid.Koselig å følge med deg,jeg lærer meg en del ENGELSK for jeg gir meg ikke .Du er flink,Ingrid.STÅ PÅ JENTA MI...

2010-10-13 @ 23:01:32
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2010-10-17 @ 18:37:02

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